Bursary Program for Graduating Students

Each year, CHABC grants a $500 Bursary to a graduating student who is enrolled in a Catholic secondary school, or a member of a BC or Yukon parish and enrolled in a public secondary school, or home-schooled. Students are asked to submit a 500-word essay that demonstrates an awareness and understanding of the significance of Spirituality in Health Care. The student with the most inspiring essay receives a $500 bursary to assist with their continuing education.

Essay Guidelines for 2022:

To apply for this bursary, students are invited to submit a 500-word essay that demonstrates an awareness and understanding of the significance of Spirituality in Health Care.

While in some places in our province public health care facilities have reduced or eliminated funding for spiritual and pastoral care of patients and residents, the provision of this service is recognized in our Catholic, and other faith-based, care facilities as a core service. We recognize that care and attentiveness to spiritual health is an integral part of holistic care. 

At CHABC, we believe that “health” is more than just our physical well-being. Social, spiritual and emotional aspects of an individual are integral components of good health. A person’s well-being is very much connected to one’s body, mind, and soul. 

We invite you to dig deeper in defining spiritual health and consider how it shapes one’s values, relationships, and the meaning and purpose of life. In your essay, please explain why you believe that care for the spirit is just as significant as care for the body; why spiritual care is particularly important in tending to the sick and dying, to their families, and to those who care for them.

Applicants must show an understanding of the impact of spiritual care, not religious care. Spiritual care is more encompassing than religious beliefs and while faith is a large part of many people’s spirituality, it is only a part of spiritual care.  We are looking for applicants who are able to demonstrate a deep understanding of all aspects of spiritual care.

It has long been recognized that emotional and spiritual care play an important role in the medical setting. There is growing evidence that religious beliefs and spirituality bring forth and support the body’s inner healing systems.
Catholic Health in Buffalo, NY

Please keep in mind that we are asking students to write about the importance of SPIRITUALITY IN HEALTHCARE, not about individual religious practices or specific religious beliefs.


Submission Guidelines: 

Please submit your essay to info@chabc.bc.ca and include the following in order for your submission to be considered:

    • Mailing Address
    • Information about the school you attend
    • Date and location of your graduation ceremony 

Deadline: Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at noon (12pm)
Emailed submissions must be sent by noon (12pm) on April 13, 2022. If submitted by regular mail, they must be date-stamped on or before the 13th.

All submissions will be evaluated by a committee of the CHABC board of directors and the recipient of the bursary will be announced in May 2022.