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I came across this article and video while reading the article in La Civilta Cattolica. It made me ponder on how I would answer the question “Before I die, I would like to….”. Without much thinking, many of us might think “win a lottery”, “travel Europe”, “climb Everest”, “have grandchildren”. And for many, there may be a number of things they would like to experience. While I would certainly like to win a lottery or travel Europe, when I thought more deeply about the question, a response that resonated with me was “to be seen as a hero to at least one person outside my family”. Not for the fame or the glory but for the knowledge that I did something that was truly meaningful and that made a positive difference to someone’s life. That is perhaps why I have been drawn to my role at CHABC. When I delve even deeper on that thought, I now redefine my answer to include “help other people to be someone’s hero”.  

At CHABC, I am being given that opportunity through the Spiritual Care Series training that we promote to parishes. It is a program that prepares us to be there for those who are isolated, lonely and perhaps in the last stages of their lives. The program gives people the tools to make a difference, to bring comfort and maybe even joy to the lives of those who would otherwise spend their final years in loneliness and despair. So when we are successful with giving others this skill, I can feel content to know that while I may not personally be someone’s hero, I will be part of a movement that has created many heroes. I see that as a greater accomplishment.

If you are interested in the Spiritual Care Program, click here. If it appeals to you, speak to others in your parish and prepare to be heroes by organizing to bring the program to your area and learning how you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Bob Breen

Executive Director