CHABC Webinar 2021

Whether in a long term care home or in their own home, many seniors have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Swinton, world-renowned expert in dementia and meaningful ageing, will share insights into the impacts that this pandemic has had on our senior population.

Not only has this pandemic taken its toll on our seniors, but it has also had a profound effect on those who care for seniors. Michelle O’Rourke, a nurse and sought-after speaker, will address the effects that this pandemic has had on those who are caring for others (either as a family or professional caregiver) while highlighting the importance of personal wellness and self-care.

Each of these speakers will not only help us to recognize these effects on our senior loved ones and ourselves, they will also provide strategies to better cope with these impacts beyond the pandemic – shaping the way we care for ourselves and others.

In lieu of our annual conference, CHABC will be hosting a two-hour webinar on Thursday, September 16, from 9-11am PDT via Zoom at no cost. Registration is now closed.

Learn more about our two internationally known presenters:

Dr. John Swinton is a world-renowned expert in dementia and meaningful ageing and an ordained minister of the Church of Scotland. 

As Professor in Practical Theology and Pastoral care and a major figure in the development of disability theology, Swinton founded the Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability at the University of Aberdeen. Swinton is also the Chair in Divinity and Religious Studies at the School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy. For 16 years, he worked as a registered mental health nurse, and spent several years as a hospital chaplain and community mental health chaplain. He also serves as an honorary professor of nursing in the university’s Centre for Advanced Studies in Nursing.

Swinton is the author of Dementia: Living in the Memories of God’ which was awarded the Michael Ramsey Prize for theological writing.

Michelle O’Rourke RN MA is a nurse with an extensive background including Emergency Nursing, Parish Nursing, Hospice Palliative Care and Spirituality. She also spent 14 years in lay ministry in a large urban Roman Catholic parish. Michelle is the author of two books on dying and palliative care, and helped to design, build and open a ten-bed residential hospice before retiring to focus on education and consulting.  

 A sought-after speaker, Michelle has recently published ‘Healthy Caregiving: Perspectives for Caring Professionals, in company with Henri Nouwen’ (Novalis, 2020) and will help us to focus on personal wellness as we care for others. More info about Michelle’s work can be found at 

You won’t want to miss these amazing speakers!


We are thrilled to offer this webinar for free. If you still wish to support our work, donations are gratefully accepted. We are a registered charitable organization and will issue you a receipt for income tax purposes. Please make your cheque payable to the Catholic Health Association of BC.