Burying the Dead, Grieving Well: A Guide for Catholics on Bodily Disposition and Grief

In recent decades, there have been numerous changes to the treatment of the bodily remains of the deceased within our Canadian and North American societies, due to rapid developments in the technologies used in bodily disposition. The new practices concerning the treatment of the bodies of the departed have direct consequences on the way we live out our grief. They also influence our ability to embark upon a path of healing after the loss we have experienced. The Catholic Bishops of Canada are proposing to the faithful and to all people of good will this reflection on the ways we treat the bodies of the deceased and live out our grief when faced with the death of a loved one. They are offering this guide to dealing with death and the various forms of bodily disposition, as well as the Catholic liturgical and pastoral practices that accompany the grieving process. We hope it will be useful for families and friends dealing with the loss of a loved one, for pastors and those who welcome and accompany the bereaved, as well as for those in the funeral industry who take the religious dimension into account.

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Advance Care Planning

      • Advance Care Planning: A Catholic Faith-Based Perspective
      • Nidus Representation Agreement
      • Advance Care Planning: Wallet Card & Catholic Card
        Instructions for Printing: To print, please acquire business card stock (10 cards per sheet).  Cards are 2″ x 3.5″ (5.08 cm x 8.89 cm). When using a home printer, for best results, please feed one page at a time.  It is best if your printer has a separate paper feeder in the front or back for thick stock as the bending of the card stock can cause the cards to separate on the pleats and jam the printer. We recommend printing the wallet card on one side and then flipping the paper over and printing the “I am Catholic cards” on the other side.  
      • My Intentions for Health Care
      • Compassionate Community Care (CCC)
        CCC is a registered charity comprised of health care professionals and volunteers who provide support to vulnerable persons and their families during times of illness and crisis. They provide advice, help & support regarding euthanasia & assisted suicide prevention. Contact their helpline at 1-855-675-8749 or office (Monday-Friday) at 519-439-6445 or email them


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